The Resiliant solution is designed to mitigate all risks associated with ID Verification while relieving the burden of having to store user’s private data safely and securely.

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ID Management and Permissioned Access

Synerio Secure is a flexible and user-friendly identity credential and access management solution that offers organizations omnichannel Zero Trust-level security to control access to infrastructure, assets, and data to reduce the risk of data exposure and fraud. Synerio Secure can be used across multiple industries including healthcare, supply chain, government and more. Synerio enables precise control over data permissions and programmatic functions, including limiting access by the user’s location, IP address or role.

As an example use-case, consider the challenge of protecting a patient’s healthcare data while also allowing only authorized healthcare providers to access the patient’s data to provide care. Synerio Secure is tightly integrated with IdNFT™ to offer a seamless, user-friendly experience, enabling the patient to access their own data quickly and securely. The patient can also choose what, when and where they share access to their healthcare records. 

“Synerio and IdNFT™ are the definition of synergy in action. Together, our solution protects business and government as well as the users who access their systems. We protect organization against cyber threats while offering their people unprecedented ease of use and access.” 
– Steve Lawrence, CEO, Synerio