The Resiliant solution is designed to mitigate all risks associated with ID Verification while relieving the burden of having to store user’s private data safely and securely.

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Developed by Waverley Labs, our sister R&D Company and Awardee of the Department of Homeland Security SBIR Program

First Responders have a critical need to securely validate and share information between jurisdictions at public safety events. Incident Commanders (ICs) must have the confidence that all First Responders outside of the IC’s jurisdiction have the requisite certifications needed to support the IC’s event requirements. The implementation of a nationwide IdNFT™ Digital Identity improves Identity Credential Access Management (ICAM) used by crisis and emergency managers on the fly in real time. IdNFT™ helps First Responders be more effective, securely share and protect information, and validate credentials of responders from other jurisdictions and organizations. This also greatly reduces the time it takes for First Responders to auto-provision users into information sharing applications to facilitate situational awareness and communications channels.