The Resiliant solution is designed to mitigate all risks associated with ID Verification while relieving the burden of having to store user’s private data safely and securely.

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Digital Identity

End 2 End Zero Trust™ cybersecurity starts with identity.

RESILIANT ID is our authentication and digital identity product. An integral part of RESILIANT ID is the IdNFT™, a proprietary blockchain based Digital Identity that utilizes advanced facial liveness detection to verify that the individual is a real person. Next generation IdNFT™ is an unforgeable anonymous digital version of user identity that shares the same characteristics of a non-fungible token (NFT) –security and identity uniqueness. RESILIANT IdNFT™ enables the right individual to access the right applications and services at the right time, for the right reason. IdNFT™ AI algorithms have passed demographic bias testing and can perform nearly equally across all races and genders, verifying and protecting user privacy globally in 140 languages, 250+ countries and territories, with 10,500+ different ID document templates covered. For the first time, the user controls their privacy and data distribution.

IdNFT™ automatically complies with privacy regulations, data management standards (GDPR, ISO) and zero trust architecture models (NIST, CISA, EO 14028) by nature of the system and its features.

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Digital Identity


For users to access insurance, treatment; to monitor health devices, wearables; for care providers to demonstrate their qualifications.

Smart cities

To monitor devices and sensors transmitting data such as energy usage, air quality, traffic congestion.


For users to own and use devices; for service providers to monitor devices and data on the network.


For citizen to access and use services - file taxes, vote, collect benefits.

Social Platforms

For social interactions; to access third-party services that rely on social media logins.

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Financial services

To open bank accounts, carry out online financial transactions.

Food and sustainability

For farmers and consumers to verify provenance of produce, to enhance value and traceability in supply chain.

Travel and mobility

To book trips, to go through border control between countries or regions.

Humanitarian response

To access services, to demonstrate qualifications to work in a foreign country.


To shop; to conduct business transactions and secure payments.

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