IdPlizz has been designed from the ground up to be used anytime and anywhere a persons true identity requires confirmation and validation, and for it to be gained quickly and  securely.

A simple handshake is sometimes not enough…….

Confirming someone’s true identity when meeting face-to-face is often a very time consuming  procedure that well-trained staff have to complete, so that forged  or stolen documents are spotted.  Your company is then left with the task of storing securely and legally the photocopies of ID’s.

To overcome the security issues of storing personal data, companies often then choose to not keep copies of ID’s but simply return them to the customer.  This therefore means they have no true record of the individuals ID available for the future!

IdPlizz offers you the ability to free up employees time, make the process quicker for your clients whilst having a more secure and robust ID validation procedure embedded in your business.

Before or during a meeting, you simply ask for the email address of your client.  Our system then requests they download the IdPlizz app and complete the biometric questions so we then confirm back to you the 100% true identity of the individual.

What’s more, once your customer has completed the process once it enables you to instantly identify them again in the future.



IdPlizz Smart ID Verification

IdPlizz is an smart phone app and web portal which uses artificial intelligence and 12 stage Multi Factor Identification to enable your company to make any online or face-to-face transaction safe and secure, from just checking someone’s age through to ensuring the correct person is signing a multi-million dollar agreement.

Unmatched Security

All the data collected on a user by IdPlizz is combined and encrypted into one single DSUid.  This data package is then randomly split into two and then sealed using blockchain technology with full hashing (SHA-256 for those in the know).  One portion is then securely stored on our cloud database, with the other portion stored on the users phone (with this portion then backed-up to a 2nd separate secure cloud server)


Fast & Easy

Designed to take out all human intervention out of ID  verification, freeing up time and resources whilst delivering a more robust and trustworthy solution.


Instant Confirmation

Once our AI system has triangulated the MFA 12, we simply send a DSUid certificate confirming the true ID of the individual.  This is the only piece of paperwork you have to keep - we take care of the rest.

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