Smart ID Verification

The IdPlizz platform and smartphone app use ground-breaking AI and blockchain technologies to enable companies to accurately confirm a person’s true identity.

Unforgeable Signatures

The IdPlizz platform guarantees 100% the identity of any individual remotely signing an electronic document.  The signed document is then stored in the blockchain ensuring maximum security for all parties.

Contactless Payments

Your client’s debit and credit cards (and Apple or Google Pay) are stored securely within the IdPlizz vault directly within the APP.

Reduce Client Friction

Delivers fast initial ID client verification, and even quicker verification of your returning clients. Increase your customer satisfaction with IdPlizz.

Remove Paperwork

 Removes the need for you to store any personal and confidential client data within your business, helping you conform to GDPR compliance.

Secure All Your Transactions

Be assured 100% of the actual identity of any individual completing any online task, from logging onto a portal, signing an agreement to completing a online payment.

Saves You Time

Saves considerable time and effort for both you and your clients, and reduces your client loss rate at time of ID verification.

Increase Your Security

Uses blockchain technology with algorithms that divide data to different locations – IdPlizz guarantees complete security to you and your clients.

Prevent Fraud Within Your Business

Whenever you require 100% assurance of an individuals identity, either online or when face-to-face, nothing delivers as much confidence as IdPlizz.


Biometrics & Triangulation

IdPlizz works by combining and triangulating no fewer than 12 different biometrics from your customer’s smartphone (and PC if required), some of which are collected behind the scenes automatically, and some which are provided by the customer themselves such as photo ID Scans etc.

Assurance where it counts

When IdPlizz triangulates the various biometrics collected, the probability of a ‘false positive’ is c 1 in 300,000,000,000

Making ID Verification

Quick & Easy

Your customers will understand and accept the need for you to request robust ID verification and security, however,  they may not readily accept the time it currently takes for them to  confirm this to you.

IdPlizz has been designed to be so quick, intuitive and easy to use (and some say enjoyable!) that it will drastically reduce the amount of clients who you lose at time of verification.

The whole system, from your IdPlizz back-office portal to the customers smartphone app, makes customer ID verification super simple whilst being the most secure solution available.

Step 1 - The Business

In a nutshell, when your company requires to ID a client, customer or web user (indeed anyone for anything!) you simply login to your online IdPlizz portal, pop in their details including their email address and choose which biometric factors you want to request for this client.

Step 2 - The Client

Your customer then receives an email requesting they download the IdPlizz app, and then follow the simple step-by-step instructions to validate their ID.

Step 3 - The ID Verification

Once the ID has been verified, you receive confirmation from IdPlizz as a simple ‘yes or no’ along with a percentage assurance score.  If you requested a document be signed remotely, IdPlizz supplies the confirmed identity of the individual who signed it, and the signed document along with its identifier.

Step 4 - The ID Assurance

IdPlizz then stores and combines all the signed paperwork along with the details of the biometrics used to verify the identity of the signatory (including the date, time and location of the signature) in the secure and unalterable IdPlizz blockchain for perpetuity, removing the need for you to store it on-site, whilst delivering to you improved peace of mind.

We offer the FIRST reusable Digital Secured Unforgeable ID, combining AI scoring and BLOCKCHAIN for security and traceability


Links to your existing systems

IdPlizz includes a state-of-the-art cloud based portal which is fully customizable to your needs, however we also offer a range of solutions to seamlessly link our system to your current CRM package, or directly onto your website.

Contact us at any time so we can demonstrate the ease of automating ID verification for your business.

The DSUid (patent pending) by IdPlizz

IdPlizz has created the first Digital Secured and Unforgeable ID (DSUid) for online activities and online document signatures, designed so your company can secure your clients activity and therefore avoid fraud, id theft, and other misleading information being supplied during the sign-up process or during subsequent logins and transactions etc.

Online Document Signatures

Many providers offer you the means to gain an electronic signature on a document from a remote client, but IdPlizz enables you to validate in real-time the true ID of the signatory, and then provide you with certified proof that it was that person who signed the document.

Furthermore, all sign documents are then blockchain encrypted and stored for perpetuity on our secure servers, guaranteeing that they can never be altered, deleted or copied anytime in the future.

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