Online ID Verification

Instantly verify and validate details of any remote user

Resulting in the most robust ID Verification available today

By using IdPlizz, you can quickly and securly fully automate the ID verification of any online person, by using up to 12 biometrics direct from their smartphone triangulated against physical ID such as a Passport or driving licence.

No other soilution merges digital ID and physical world ID in the same way, so you can be totally assured you know the true identity of everyone you deal with.

Reduce client friction whilst increasing your security with IdPlizz.

Photo ID Verification

The IdPlizz advanced AI system instantly compares a selfie image with a photo ID before confirming their identity.

Geolocation Fencing

Automatically set the location the user must be at during the transaction, and then store this for perpetuity.

Triangulates 12 Biometrics

MFA-12 delivering the most robust assurance of a remote clients ID available anywhere today.

Proccess Document Signatures

Directly link the verified ID of an individual to a signed document along with other biometrics to prove when and where it was signed.

Secure All Documents

Use the IdPlizz cloud blockchain to securly store signed documents linked directly with biometrics of the signee.

Link a verified ID to any task

Using IdPlizz, you can link the true ID of an individual to any action, whether completed in the real world or online.

We take the Risk and Stress out of ID Verification.

The IdPlizz solution is designed so businesses of all sizes can mitigate the many risks associated with ID Verification, along with the burden of having to store their customer’s private data safely and securely.

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