Instantly verify and validate details of any remote user

Keep your companies IT infrastructure safe & secure

There is a HUGE difference between the currently available ‘identification’ of employees, to the true ID verification delivered by IdPlizz.

With identification, you only know that the individual logging into your infastructure happens to know some details such as an email address and password, and perhaps has access to a certain device.

With IdPlizz verification, we verify the ACTUAL person and remove all chances of ID fraud. We then store all documental proof securely on our servers fully blockchain encrypted, and supply you with certified proof of their identity.

Photo ID Verification

The IdPlizz advanced AI system instantly compares a selfie image with a photo ID and confirming the individuals true ID 

Geolocation Fencing

Only allow access to your IT system from the actual address of a remote worker, or from agreed locations.

Link a verified ID to any task

Using IdPlizz, you can link the true ID of an individual to any action, whether completed in the real world or online.

No IT Investement

Use your employees existing smartphone to verify themselves directly to your systems via the IdPlizz API’s

Automate ID Verification

Use the IdPlizz advanced AI to take all human interaction out of keeping your IT infrastructure safe & secure.

All Actions Securly Stored

Complete transparency of each transaction stored securely in the IdPlizz Blockchain Server for perpetuity.

We Protect and Secure your IT infrastructure.

The IdPlizz solution is designed so businesses of all sizes can mitigate the many risks associated with ID Verification of their remote employees.

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