Welcome to IdPlizz, the phone app that lets you take control of your ID.

IdPlizz enables you to provide your ID quickly and securely to anyone who requires it, at any time and in any setting. Whether it’s online or face to face, IdPlizz is the fastest and safest way to confirm your ID, whilst you remain fully in control.

To use IdPlizz, you will be invited to upload your photo ID which our system then automatically checks to ensure that it is valid and acceptable. In the future when you wish to prove your ID via IdPlizz, you can then simply take a selfie photograph which we then compare against the photo ID you provided.

We store your ID documents fully encrypted within your own ID vault, and it’s only ever you that can view them. IdPlizz simply confirms your ID to the companies you want to with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, letting them know you are who you say you are.

Eliminate the threat of ID theft with IdPlizz.

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