Face to Face

Instantly verify the true Identity of anyone from their smartphone.

Resulting in the most robust ID Verification available today

Confirming someone’s true identity when meeting face-to-face is often a very time-consuming procedure that well-trained staff have to complete so that forged or stolen documents are spotted. Your company is then left with the task of storing securely and legally the photocopies of ID’s.

IdPlizz offers you the ability to free up employees’ time, make the process quicker for your clients, whilst having a more secure and robust ID validation procedure embedded in your business.

Multiple Request Methods

Request the client verifies their ID in numerous quick and easy ways, including the scanning of a simple QR code.

Multiple Delivery Methods

Gain the ID verification to one or multiple locations such as your CRM, an employee’s smartphone, or your IdPlizz Portal.

Bulk ID verification

IdPlizz is the fastest and most secure way to verify instantly the ID of any number of people – from a single person to one million!

Secure Storage

All ID documents and client biometric data are stored on our blockchain servers, and can never be forged or altered in any way.

Reduce Paperwork

No longer do your clients have to remember to bring ID documents to prove their identity to you.

Proccess Document Signatures

Directly link the verified ID of a client to a signed agreement along with other biometrics.

We take the Risk and Stress out of ID Verification.

The IdPlizz solution is designed so businesses of all sizes can mitigate the many risks associated with ID Verification, along with the burden of having to store their customer’s private data safely and securely.

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