Smart ID Verification

IdPlizz is an smart phone app and web portal which uses artificial intelligence and 12 stage Multi-Factor Identification to enable your company to make any online or face-to-face transaction safe and secure, from just checking someone’s age through to ensuring the correct person is signing a multi-million dollar agreement.

Why Choose IdPlizz

All Environments

Whether online, face-to-face or over the telephone, IdPlizz enables you to accurately verify any client’s true identity whatever action they may be taking.

Less Human Interaction

Designed to take out all human intervention out of ID  verification, freeing up time and resources whilst delivering a more robust and trustworthy solution.

Improved Traceability

Every action is stored for perpetuity in secure blockchain, and can never be forged, altered or modified.  IdPlizz gives you complete visibility of all transactions.

Improved Security

IdPlizz increases your security over both manual ID checking and other online service providers, by linking the verified ID of the individual to the action they are taking.

Reduce Friction

Decrease the number of clients you lose during the account set up stages, by offering them a quick and easy method to verify their ID to you.  No longer do they have to supply paper versions of their ID.

Increase Speed

IdPlizz speeds up considerably the process for your client to verify their ID to you, sign a legally binding document or securely pay for a product or service.  It then speeds up the processing time for you!

Instant Confirmation

Once our AI system has triangulated the MFA 12, we simply send a DSUid certificate confirming the true ID of the individual.  This is the only piece of paperwork you have to store!

Intuitive To Use

Both the client APP and the business back-office system have been designed to be quick and easy to use, with no training required and no lengthy instructional manuals to read!

A simple handshake is sometimes not enough…….

Confirming someone’s true identity when meeting face-to-face is often a very time-consuming procedure that well-trained staff has to complete so that forged or stolen documents are spotted.  Your company is then left with the task of storing securely and legally the photocopies of ID’s.

IdPlizz offers you the ability to free up employees’ time, make the process quicker for your clients whilst having a more secure and robust ID validation procedure embedded in your business.

The difference between IdPlizz ID Verification and Identification

There is a HUGE difference between the currently available ‘identification’ of clients, to the true ID verification delivered by IdPlizz.

With identification, you only know that the individual you are doing business with happens to know some details such as an email address and password, and perhaps has access to a certain device.

With IdPlizz verification, we verify the ACTUAL person and remove all chances of ID fraud. We then store all documental proof securely on our servers fully blockchain encrypted, and supply you with certified proof of their identity.

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