Frequently Asked Questions

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How Secure is IdPlizz?

Incredibly secure! Our whole business is built on security, confidentiality and privacy.

IdPlizz uses the most secure processes available today at every stage, from encrypted communications to blockchain storage.

What does IdPlizz cost?

We offer many different value packages depending on the expected usage of your company. Just drop us a note, and we can explain our pricing.

You can be sure that IdPlizz offers more services at a better value than any other company in the industry. We save $$$$ on traditional methods of ID identification and electronic document processing.

Do I have to keep customer details?

No, that’s the beauty of IdPlizz.

With every client ID we send you a certificate confirming their ID, along with a scaled confidence level. This is all your company has to store.  However, full copies of the ID documents can be provided if needed (and if allowed by the customer).

All data supplied by your client to us is then blockchain encrypted (a portion on our servers and a portion on their phone).

No longer do you have to worry about the security of storing or disposing of your clients personal data.

Is IdPlizz GDPR compliant?

Yes, we follow all regulatory norms (including FATF, FINMA, FCA, CySEC, MAS)

How fast can IdPlizz be set up?

For your clients, it only takes a matter of seconds for them to set up IdPlizz on their smartphones, and then just a few minutes to 100% verify their identity to you.

For your business to set up an account with IdPlizz, the process is also very quick and easy. However, we do require 24 hours for our Enhanced Due Diligence process before your account is fully active.

How fast is the ID verification?

Almost instant!

On average, it takes less than 30 seconds for the IdPlizz AI system to triangulate the biometrics before delivering you the ID confirmation.

Can the client use IdPlizz every time we need their ID?

This again is the real beauty of IdPlizz.

The first time your client uses IdPlizz, it takes us about three minutes to request and triangulate all the required biometrics to verify their true ID to you.

However, once the app is on their smartphone, subsequent ID verifications then take only a matter of seconds!

How does IdPlizz integrate to our CRM system?

We have many ways that you can seamlessly integrate IdPlizz into your existing CRM pages or straight onto your website.

Just drop us a line and we will be happy to go through the options with you.

Can I meet you?

Of course! We are available 24/7. Just drop us a note to

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