The IdPlizz DSUid

Think of it as a ‘Digital Passport’ that your clients use to securely prove their identity to you.

All the data collected on a user by IdPlizz is combined and encrypted into one single DSUId (patent pending).  This data package is then randomly split into two and subsequently sealed using blockchain technology with full hashing (SHA-256 for those in the know).  One portion is then securely stored on our cloud database, with the other portion stored on the user’s phone (with this portion then backed-up to a 2nd separate secure cloud server).

By using blockchain security but then dividing the files in differing locations,  our data is protected to the highest level available today, and with our constant development, into the future. 


One-Time Creation

Your client only has to set up their DSUid once.  It is then available instantly at any time in the future to quickly, precisely and securely prove their true identity to you.  


Future Proof

Once a DSUid has been created for an individual, it can never be altered, only added to. This means that the ID assurance level can only be increased, but never fraudulently changed.


A Worlds First

IdPlizz has created the first Digital Secured and Unforgeable ID (DSUid) in blockchain for online activities and online document signatures,


Overcomes ID Theft

Designed so your company can secure your clients activity and therefore avoid fraud, id theft, and other misleading information being supplied during the sign-up process or during subsequent logins and transactions etc.


Protecting Clients Privacy

We help keep your client’s data personal to them, by supplying you with a simple ‘Yes or No’ confirming to you their true identity, without the need to share their full private information.


Fully Customizable

Your company can request differing levels of security identification depending on how definitive you want to know the online user, against the time it takes to identify them. We call this DSUid level 1 and DSUid level 2:

Set your own level of assurance

DSUid Security Level 1 (Minimum)

1. Email address confirmation
2. Collect Cell phone number confirmation
3. Scan a photo ID
4. Verify ID by AI – award a point score
5. Take a facial image or video
5. Record Geolocation (auto collected)
6. Record Phone information such as IME (auto collected)
7. Take Electronic Signature

DSUid Security Level 2

  1. All from DSUid Security Level 1, plus:
    2. Check Social Media Accounts
    3. Check Home address
  2. Take further ID (Utilities bill ect)
  3. Request 2nd Photo ID
    4. Finger print scan
    5. Voice recording
    IdPlizz also offers you the ability to add you own biometric security questions if required.

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