The most complete unforgeable remote signature solution available

Many providers offer you the means to gain a simple electronic signature on a document from a remote client, but only IdPlizz guarantees the ID of the individual who actually signed it, and then fully encrypts in blockchain the transactional data certifying that the signatory details and the signed paperwork are unforgeable and can never be altered in any way at any time in the future.

IdPlizz is the FIRST company to offer full BLOCKCHAIN encryption and storage of signed documents linked directly to the ‘Digital Passport’ of the signatory.

First, we triangulate our MFA-12 biometrics to verify 100% the true identity of an individual and issue them with a DSUid (patent pending). 

We then combine this DSUid (patent pending) in real-time with the document they are signing and then encrypt them together using blockchain technology ensuring they can never be fraudulently changed at any time in the future.

Your company then has secure access to all signed documentation safe in the knowledge they can never altered, along with the verified ID of the person who signed them.


The total package for remote document signatures.

IdPlizz offers the most complete secure system available to safely receive signed documents electronically from remote clients.

Saves Time

Instantly receive AI based results without the need for manual intervention

Reduces Costs

Reduce if not remove the requirement for your staff to monitor signed documentation

Improves Security

12 MFA and Blockchain encryption ensures 100 security and confidentiality

Reduces Client Loss

Optimize the transformation rate of your new clients with IdPlizz

Links to your systems

We offer many API based solutions to seamlessly link IdPlizz to your systems

Helps Data Compliance

Removes the requirement for you to store confidential data and paperwork on site

No Human Error

The less human interaction makes less mistakes, let the IdPlizz AI do the work

Unforgeable - for ever

Once a document has been signed it is fully encrypted and can never be altered 

Easy As 1…2…3…

Although IdPlizz uses MFA 12, it is quick, easy and some say enjoyable to use!  Also, once you client has downloaded our app, future document signatures can be processed in just a few clicks.

Signature Certificates

We supply each document signed with a full digital proof of ID certificate, confirming the true identity of the individual who signed it.

Blockchain Encryption

We only use the latest military grade Blockchain encryption technologies to ensure 100% security of all documentation.

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