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Showing you just how versatile IdPlizz is, and how it can support your ID Verification and Document Signature needs whatever your business or organization.


The Many Uses of IdPlizz

Healthcare Insurance - Verify Benefits

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A large US Healthcare provider needed the ability to ensure that only those clients insured with them would receive the benefits from their insurance policies.

They use the IdPlizz DSUid (patent pending) on their client's smartphones as the central ID verification process at all stages of medical care, from first filling out the required application paperwork to then proving their identity during Doctor and hospital appointments.

With IdPlizz, the insurance company is 100% assured of the true identity of those people receiving medical care, wherever they may be in the country or indeed the World.


Retail Store - Check Customer Age

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A legal marijuana retail outlet in Colorado needed a way to thoroughly check their customer's ID to ensure they were of legal age to purchase.

However, they wanted a system that would allow them at any time to prove to governing agencies that they had fully checked the ID of all their patrons, without the need for them to store personal data themselves.

They also wanted a system that took the responsibility of ID checking away from their staff.

IdPlizz delivered to them everything they required and more.

Accountants - Confirm Client Details

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Like all accountancy firms, our client had to know 100% the true identity of their customers.

They found their current method of collecting, photocopying, checking, storing and returning the paper ID of their customers both time consuming and fraught with the danger of fraud.

By using IdPlizz, they request that their customers confirm their ID whilst waiting in their reception area, and they are then safe in the knowledge they have fully complied with AML & KYC without any direct input or work required from themselves.

Online Exams - Unforgeable Diplomas

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An E-Learning business needed to be assured that all online exams were taken by the student themselves, and not by someone else on their behalf.

With IdPlizz, they are able to set each student DSUid well in advance of the examination, which is then used to securely log them in on the day.

IdPlizz confirms to the Collage that the student logging in has been checked with up to 12 stages of biometrics along with their exact geolocation.

Furthermore, once a student gains a diploma or certificate it is encrypted and stored securely in blockchain before then being directly linked to their own individual IdPlizz DSUid.  This ensures that the diploma can never be forged, shared or altered in any way, and that it is always traceable directly back to the actual student.

Corporation - Secure login to Network

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A large corporation could not afford the risks of continuing to simply rely on a username and password to allow access to their private employee intranet.

By using IdPlizz, they are now assured of the true identity of everyone using their systems and enjoy full control of who is allowed access.

Financial Institution - Agreement Signatures

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 A large Financial Institution wanted to increase their security and compliance by receiving their remotely signed agreements not only with an electronic signature, but with the 100% verification of the identity of the individual who signed them.  They then wanted these agreements stored for perpetuity in a format that they could not be changed, forged or altered in any way.

For larger agreements, they also wanted to request the same level of ID verification for all signature witnesses.

They wanted to achieve this, but at the same time also reduce the number of clients they lost during their current outdated ID process.

By using IdPlizz, they now receive signed agreements, along with certificated verification of the ID who signed them and those people who witnessed it.  These are then stored in the unmatched IdPlizz blockchain crypt linked directly to the clients DSUid.

In addition, they no longer have to process or store any of their client's personal ID data, saving considerable time for their staff.

Their customer loss at time of ID checking has also been reduced due to the single-stage easy verification process that IdPlizz offers.

Gaming Portal - Secure Login to Account

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An online gaming company needed true ID verification of their clients during the account opening procedure, but then also required the IdPlizz MFA-12 biometrics system to ensure the security on an ongoing basis of their online platform.

They now use IdPlizz to ensure they know 100% the identification of all their new clients, whilst ensuring they are old enough to legally play their age-rated games.

Every time they login to the platform, each of their clients uses their IdPlizz smartphone DSUid to enter to the gaming platform, ensuring that no single account can be 'shared' between numerous individuals, and the gaming company is confident that the person who is paying for their services is the only person able to login.

Housing Association - Signing Rental Agreements.

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A London Housing Association needed to have accurate and up-to-date ID records of all their tenants, and due to the nature of their housing stock, this changed on a very regular basis.

The issues they had to overcome were:

  • That they had to constantly train their new staff on how to gain the correct ID and how to spot forgeries, which was both difficult and lengthy due to the many different countries passports and other ID's they had to process.
  • They had to find a secure way to keep copies of the ID gained, which proved difficult due to high staff turnover.
  • They had to prove to their clients that their personal data was deleted at the end of their tenancy agreement.

By partnering with IdPlizz, they were able to 'outsource' to us the complete control of their ID verification process, removing from their business their biggest headache.

Private Club - Proof of age and address

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A European Golf Club with over 7,400 members needed a fast and unobtrusive method of checking the ID of clients when they visited any one of their 11 golf courses.

The club found that their current procedure of providing membership ID cards fraught with danger, as fraud or the 'lending' of membership cards had become commonplace.  Another issue was that often their clients would forget to bring their cards, which resulted in lengthy ID checks for their staff to complete.

With IdPlizz, and the use of the DSUid (patent pending), each member now uses their smartphone to prove their identity before they can use any of the clubs facilities.

It reduces time, training, costs and fraud for the club, but at the same time, it is welcomed by their membership due to its convenience and safety.


Legal Advisor - Signing of Papers

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A legal advisor in Paris, France required a way for his clients to sign important paperwork remotely from wherever they may be, but the company required the same assurances as if they were physically present during the signing of them.

They now simply request all their clients download the IdPlizz app onto their smartphones, and send all documents to be signed through the app.

This now means that IdPlizz checks and confirms the ID of the person signing the document, then stores the completed paperwork locked securely in Blockchain linked directly to their clients DSUid(patent pending).

For the legal advisor, they are safe in the knowledge that the signed paperwork can never be altered in any way, and that they can prove 100% the identity of the individual who signed it.

Retail Loan Provider - Agreement Signatures

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A UK based company offers retail outlets consumer finance packages, so the retail store can offer to their customer's interest-free credit on high-value ticket items such as home electrical goods, home furnishings, and large kitchen items.

The finance company has an online portal that the retail staff use to enter the customer details and the loan amount, but it was also left for the retail staff to check the customer's ID themselves on the finance companies behalf.

This was fraught with danger for the finance company, as they were relying on the skills, training, and knowledge of the staff of a third party that they had no control over, to check ID for fraud etc.

By using IdPlizz, they have removed the need for their client's staff to check ID and bought it all 'in-house' themselves.  They no longer have to worry about untrained staff checking ID on their behalf.

What's more, as the retail customer signs the loan agreement via IdPlizz, the finance company, for the first time, has 100% proof that the individual who signed it is the person whose ID they have - removing the possibility of identity fraud.

Age Restricted Website - Proof of age

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A US-based website hosts age-restricted content, which they had to ensure was only available to persons over the age of 18 years.

By using IdPlizz, their customers were happy in the knowledge that their details were 100% secure and not visible to others, and by logging into the site using the IdPlizz DSUid (patent pending), the website was 100% assured that only those people over the minimum age has access to their site.

Trading Platform - AML/KYC Compliance

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A Bitcoin trading platform was duty-bound to comply fully with KYC and AML.

Before any new client could start trading, they had to photograph or scan a photo ID along with proof of residency such as utility bills etc.

These were then manually checked against what the client had entered into their account application form, and only if the two matched could the account be opened.

This not only left them open to fraud, but it was a lengthy process for their staff to complete.  However, what was worse is that 20% of their prospective clients didn't ever send the required ID, and 15% of those that did send it, didn't end up using their account due to the time between it being applied for before it was opened.

With IdPlizz, during the account application process, it took just 2 minutes for the client to provide the ID requested, and then 60 seconds for the IdPlizz MFA-12 system to check everything supplied, and confirm the true identity of the client to the company.

This resulted in a more streamlined account application process that reduced client loss considerably, whilst saving time but increasing security for the company.

Afterwards, on an ongoing basis, the client then uses their DSUid to securely login to the trading platform.

Car Rental Provider - Verification of ID

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A Car rental company uses the IdPlizz 'white label' option to enable a fully branded ID Verification app to be used by their clients.

When a client requests to hire a vehicle online they are sent an automated email asking them to register and provide their ID and Driving Licence Etc.

Once this is completed, the IdPlizz system automatically updates their system confirming the ID of their client.

When the client collects the car, they simply use the IdPlizz DSUid within their smartphone to confirm their identity to the hire desk staff, who are then able to process the hire without having to complete further ID checks.

This speeds up the process and reduces the chance of fraud during both the booking and check-in stages for the hire company, and therefore their client.

Online Auction Site - Verification of ID

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To reduce overall fraud on their website, an online auction company utilizes IdPlizz so that they can:

  • Gain the true identity of their users, without the need for them themselves to check and store paperwork and passports etc.
  • Offer their users the fastest, most reliable and safest way to verify their ID, and therefore reducing the loss of prospective clients at the sign-up stage.
  • By using the IdPlizz DSUid (patent pending), they can prove their duty of care regarding the sale of age-related products has been fully covered.

They now use IdPlizz during the initial account setup, then use the DSUid (patent pending) during subsequent logins to ensure 100% they know the full identity of every user of their website.

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