A million and one applications…..

IdPlizz has been designed from the ground up to be used anytime and anywhere a persons true identity requires confirmation and validation.

Take the worry out of client Identification and remote document signatures with IdPlizz

Online Activities

Although most business to business and business to consumer interactions now take place online, there is no quick and easy way to ensure that ID fraud is not taking place.

With the IdPlizz full biometric triangulation of a range of ID statistics, a company can be assured 100% that they are dealing with the correct person.

IdPlizz ensures you know the true identity of ANY individual completing ANY online action. Just want to check a webpage users age? Want to verify the identity of someone buying from you? Need to keep a customers’ online account secure?

Do you have a legal obligation to be able to prove the true identity of your clients? Need to know 100% the ID of someone opening an online account for the first time? IdPlizz can help, with these and any other online activity.

Try us – we have not found yet a single online activity that IdPlizz cannot make more secure for both the customer and the client.

The IdPlizz system enables you to fully outsource your ID verification process, without anyone in your company having to spend time requesting, checking, processing, collating, storing legally and finally disposing of personal data.

Our system can merge seamlessly into your current CRM system or webpage, making life just that little bit easier for everyone.

Face-to-Face Meetings

A simple handshake is sometimes not enough…….

Confirming someone’s true identity when meeting face-to-face is often a very time consuming procedure that well-trained staff have to complete, so that forged or stolen documents are spotted. Your company is then left with the task of storing securely and legally the photocopies of ID’s.

To overcome the security issues of storing personal data, companies often then choose to not keep copies of ID’s but simply return them to the customer. This therefore means they have no true record of the individuals ID available for the future!

IdPlizz offers you the ability to free up employees time, make the process quicker for your clients whilst having a more secure and robust ID validation procedure embedded in your business.

Before or during a meeting, you simply ask for the email address of your client. Our system then requests they download the IdPlizz app and complete the biometric questions so we then confirm back to you the 100% true identity of the individual.

What’s more, once your customer has completed the process once it enables you to instantly identify them again in the future.

Online Document Signatures

Many providers offer you the means to gain an electronic signature on a document from a remote client, but IdPlizz enables you to validate in real-time the true ID of the signatory, and then provide you with certificated proof that it was that person who signed the document.

Once you receive confirmation of the signed document, it is impossible for any alterations to be done in the future by either party, with the original document stored in blockchain encryption on our secure servers.

The IdPlizz system also allows for co-signatory requests, and uses the same biometric data to assure you of that persons’ identity.

In essence, IdPlizz offers you the most secure method of gaining legally binding document signatures available from a remote client.  In fact, more secure than you having it signed in your own offices.

Online E-Learning and Examinations

IdPlizz offers you the first ID Verification solution for online exams, which also combines a number of innovative ways to ensure the correct person not only starts the test, but then completes it themselves for the entirety of the time.

With IdPlizz, before the examination you send a request for the student to download the app, so that you can be assured that they are indeed the correct person. Our system then ring-fences the geolocation of the users smartphone to the geolocation of the IP address of their PC, and can then send randomly timed requests for them to identify themselves throughout the exam.

If for any reason the students identity or location becomes unsure, you are immediately informed so that you can take any actions necessary.

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