AI for ID

Artificial Intelligence is at the very heart of IdPlizz, making ID verification fast, simple and secure whilst delivering the assurances and guarantees required by today’s businesses.

What the idplizz AI system…

…Delivers to your business


The ability to combine and triangulate the IdPlizz 12 stage MFA system.

Check Documents

Intelligently rate of the origin of ID documents supplied against the nationality of the individual.


Check the ID documentation supplied against numerous international databases.


Ensure that all documents supplied are genuine. 

Automated Recognition

Automated ‘selfie’ and photo ID matching, taking into consideration the age difference between the two images.

Scoring System

Allocation of ID scoring based on the biometrics collected.


Unique geolocation matching, which can be set to the specific address of the document that requests signing.

Removes Human Error

The IdPlizz AI system removed the human error element of checking ID and the filing of documents

Easy GDPR Compliance

With no documents stored on-site, IdPlizz helps you comply with GDPR and other data protection policies.

The IdPlizz system collates and triangulates the ID information supplied by your client

The IdPlizz AI system then reviews the information provided, and provides you with certificated ID verification along with a score based confidence rating.

Once the customer ID has confirmed to you, they cannot change any information at a later date, but can only add to it if required.

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