Patent-Pending AI Technology that merges physical and digital biometrics

Resulting in the most robust ID Verification available today

Our AI system triangulates up to 12 separate biometrics before reporting back to you the confirmations you require. No other system can physically link any action to the true verified identity of any individual.


Biometrics Triangulated


Chance of false positive


The IdPlizz solution is designed so businesses of all sizes can mitigate the many risks associated with ID Verification, along with the burden of having to store their customer’s private data safely and securely.

Unforgeable documents

All client ID documents and biometrics are stored on the IdPlizz blockchain server, so you no longer have to worry about storing personal information within your business.

complete Transparency

Only allow those employees permitted to see client data access to ID documents, to everyone else IdPlizz simply confirms the clients ID as a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

total privacy for users

No longer do you need to train staff to check clients ID documents and spot fakes and copies thoroughly.  IdPlizz removes human interaction and the associated human error.

split data in multiple location

Without the requirement for lengthy processes and secure storage within your business, robustly use multiple biometrics to ensure your clients’ true identity.

IdPlizz scores each ID verification based on the security and assurances provides the the photo ID provided by the individual

Level 1 verification is when the photo ID supplied by the
the individual lacks robust security features such as MRTD, MRZ, VIZ, NFC and therefore cannot be fully verified to the higher level.

Level 2 verification is when the photo ID supplied does include
some of the security features, such as MRTD, MRZ, VIZ or NFC, but are not 100% verifiable due to local variances.

Level 3 verification is when the photo ID supplied includes
sufficient assurance by way of the security features for IdPlizz to
fully verify the individuals identity.

Level 4 verification combines the assurances provided by levels 2
and 3 along with the historical usage of the DSUid and the number
of companies using IdPlizz to verify their identity.

Level 5 combines the assurances provided by levels 2, 3 and 4
with the addition of confirmation of the NFC (Near Field Communication) collected from their photo ID.

Link a VERIFIED ID to a DOCUMENT Signature.

IdPlizz is the FIRST company to offer full BLOCKCHAIN encryption and storage of signed documents linked directly to the ‘Digital Passport’ of the signatory.

100% assurance of the individuals ID who signed the document.

Geofence restrictions available.

Fast, simple and intuitive to use.

Document remains unforgeable stored encypted in blockchain.

Certificate of signature provided.

Unparalleled secutity in every transaction.

Seamless Integration

Multiple ways to integrate robust ID verification in your business

The choice is yours, either use the intuitive IdPlizz online portal or integrate IdPlizz into your existing CRM system with our range of API’s.

One System –  THREE options

The IdPlizz Artificial Intelligence works behind the scenes to automate and deliver to your business:


The ability to combine and triangulate the IdPlizz 12 stage MFA system, and deliver instant results.

Checking of Documents

Instantly confirms the authenticity of documents by checking MRZ, VIZ, MIZ and holograms.


Checks the ID documentation supplied against numerous international databases to ensure its authenticity.

Automated Recognition

Automated ‘selfie’ and photo ID matching, taking into consideration the age difference between the two images.

Scoring System

Allocation of ID scoring based on the biometrics collected and the assurances it delivers to you.

Removes Human Error

The IdPlizz AI system removed the human error element of checking ID and the filing of documents.

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