We revolutionize the way people identify themselves.

Our contactless mobile APP solution takes all risk out of ID verification in all environments, for both end-users and enterprises, using exclusive patent-pending technology to offer robust protection against identity fraud at all levels.

IdPlizz – your trusted third party for ID verification.


Verify Identification

Using advanced AI and blockchain to accurately verify your client’s ID direct from their smartphone. 


Sign and share documents

Directly link the verified ID of an individual to a signed document then encrypt both in blockchain.


Certify Documents

Centralize your signed documents in the IdPlizz Vault protecting both you and your clients.


No IT Investment

No investment required in hardware or training to increase security within your business.


Easily Integrated

We offer a range of API’s so you can seamlessly merge IdPlizz into your current systems.


White Label Option

Fully customize the APP and the back office system to your own corporate brand.

Increasing your companies SECURITY whilst protecting fully the PRIVACY of your clients.

The real beauty of IdPlizz is the way we verify 100% the true identity of your client, but protect their privacy by simply sending you a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the questions you asked.  We only send you their full details if you request them, and if they agree to supply them.

Our AI system triangulates up 12 separate biometrics before reporting back to you the confirmations you require. For example:

  • Are they who they say they are?  IdPlizz confirms they are….
  • Are they over 18?  IdPlizz confirms they are…..

And what’s more, IdPlizz offers the same ID benefits in real-world face-to-face environments as it does for online remote transactions.

No more do you have to copy ID documentation, store it safely and train your staff on how to do so legally.  IdPlizz takes all the work, stress and dangers out of ID verification.


Reduce Client Friction

Delivers fast initial ID client verification, and even quicker verification of your returning clients.  Remove the barriers from people dealing with you.


Increase Privacy

Only receive the confirmations you require from the client, therefore keeping their private data safe and secure. 


Secure All Transactions

Be assured 100% of the actual identity of any individual completing any online or face-to-face task.


Instant ROI

No investment required in either hardware or training to install AI controlled contactless trading with improved security.


Remove Paperwork

Removes the need for you to store any personal and confidential client data within your business, helping you conform to all data legalization..


Prevent Fraud

Increase the security of every transaction within your business, with complete traceability of every action.

Making ID Verification and Document Signatures QUICK & EASY

Your customers will understand and accept the need for you to request robust ID verification and security, however, they may not readily accept the time it currently takes for them to confirm this to you.

IdPlizz has been designed to be so quick, intuitive and easy to use (and some say enjoyable!) that it will drastically reduce the number of clients who you lose at the time of verification.

The whole system, from your IdPlizz back-office portal to the customer’s smartphone app, makes customer ID verification super simple whilst being the most secure solution available.

Adaptable for all Industries

IdPlizz enables any type or size of business to easily and quickly move to contactless Payment, ID and document processing; therefore protecting both staff and clients.

All this whilst improving their overall security, saving time, and reducing costs with no additional investment required in IT, Hardware or staff training.


Verify with 100% certainty the true identity of the patient ensuring that they receive the correct medical treatment, whilst making all routine ID tasks contactless for both patients and staff.


Make the whole check-in process completely contactless, from taking and checking ID, signing booking forms, and taking payment all without  requiring a new IT infrastructure.

Rental Firms

Securely check customers licence details and gain signed rental and insurance agreements either remotely or at the counter without your staff having to handle any physical paperwork.


With IdPlizz your clients can now remotely sign legally binding agreements with you gaining the assurance that they are the individual that did so.

General B2B

From small contracts to multi-billion dollar deals, IdPlizz can verify the ID of all document signee’s, then store all paperwork in blockchain for perpetuity.

General B2C

From checking age, taking secure payments or signing finance paperwork, IdPlizz enables everything to be done 100% contact free.

……and any other business who requires robust ID verification and secure document signatures.

Seamlessly integrate secure contactless technology into your business

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