We guarantee companies risk-free trusted ID verification and Document Signature Certification from anywhere, anytime.

No IT Investment

Use your clients’ phone to securely verify their ID to you.

Blockchain Based

Secure encrypted storage for all transactions and data.

Advanced AI

Remove human error in the processing ID verifications.

1 in 3,000,000,000

The chance of a false positive being returned

White Label Option

100% customizable to comply with your corporate branding.

Easily Integrated

API integration to your current CRM if required.

EXCEPTIONALLY secure ID Verification – from the palm of your CLIENTS hand.

IdPlizz digitizes physical real-world photo ID such as a passport or driving license, then after securely confirming its authenticity compares it to a ‘selfie image’ taken on the users’ smartphone. Our AI system then combines up to 11 other biometrics to fully and robustly verify any Individuals ID, delivered to you with our exclusive (patent pending) scoring result.

The user onboarding process is only completed once, and then can be used again in the future to instantly verify their ID to you, in any setting.

IdPlizz offers your clients the same level of safety and security as we do to enterprises, so they can rest assured that they are fully protected against all chances of ID fraud or cybercrime by using the IdPlizz digital key.

The TOTAL ID Solution

Online Identification

Use advanced AI and blockchain to accurately verify your client from their smartphone, instantly, wherever they may be in the World. 

Face 2 Face ID - Mobile

Instantly verify the ID of anyone from one mobile phone to another, enabling a single person to verify up to 200 people per hour.

Face 2 Face ID - CRM

Whether a retail store, hotel or health club, use IdPlizz to accurately confirm a client’s ID with verification sent direct to your CRM

Secure ID Verification over the Phone

Fully Guarantee that you know the true identity of any individual phoning your business or call centre.

Permission based ID Credential and Access Management

Ensure only those individuals with the correct security clearance level has access to sensitive data.

Process Document Signatures

Link the verified ID of an individual to a signed document along with other biometrics to prove when and where it was signed.

designed to work everywhere

ID VERIFICATION is essential.

In any setting for any action, IdPlizz can link the true identity of any individual to any task – with 100% assurance.


Automatically verify the true ID of any individual, in real-time, as they perform any online action.

Face to face

ID Verification to your CRM package or directly to an employees phone, both with the same level of assurance


From remote workers to CEO’s, gain complete security and traceability of everyone using your IT systems.

We take the Risk and Stress out of ID Verification.

The IdPlizz solution is designed so businesses of all sizes can mitigate the many risks associated with ID Verification, along with the burden of having to store their customer’s private data safely and securely.


All client ID documents and biometrics are stored on the IdPlizz blockchain server, so you no longer have to worry about storing personal information within your business.

restrict access to data

Only allow those employees permitted to see client data access to ID documents, to everyone else IdPlizz simply confirms the clients’ ID as a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Remove human error

No longer do you need to train staff to check clients ID documents and spot fakes and copies thoroughly.  IdPlizz removes human interaction and the associated human error.

HELP With GDPR compliance

Without the requirement for lengthy processes and secure storage within your business, robustly use multiple biometrics to ensure the true identity of all your clients.


costs of ID Fraud


Increase in cybercrime in 2020


Increase in ransomware demands


Increase in attacks on IT in 2020

Estimated cost of data breaches in 2020

Percentage changes source: FBI      Cost of data breaches source: McKinsey & Co

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Global Coverage

Designed to make your customers HAPPY!

IdPlizz takes the stress out of your customers veryify their ID to you, and having to always show photo ID to identify themselves.  Not only that, but IdPlizz offers your customers full privacy and protection.

reduce client friction

Delivers fast initial ID client verification and even quicker verification of your returning clients.  Remove the barriers from people dealing with you.

Increase Privacy

Your business only receives the confirmations you require from the client, therefore keeping their private data completely safe and secure at all times.

increase trust

Let your clients know that their privacy is important to you, and you have in place the most robust system to keep themselves and their ID fully protected at all times.

We understand the burden businesses face today identifying their clients robustly and securely, whilst still protecting their individual safety and privacy.
Our technology unites the digital economy.

Marc Duthoit, Founder


With a Head Office in the US and offices in the UK, Canada, Mexico and France, we are available at any time to offer support, information or help – Or even just to chat!



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